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Discover the most beautiful places and sights of Normandy. From picturesque villages, historic highlights and cultural attractions to beautiful nature reserves, extensive coastlines and delicious food.





Brittany American

World Heritage site

White sand

Saint-James has an impressive American military cemetery. The long lines of white marble crosses and stars of David commemorate the soldiers who fell in the Battle of Normandy. The original clothing factory with shop of the brand ‘Saint-James’, known from the Breton stripe and the sailor’s jersey, is also located here.

Mont Saint-Michel – declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
To the Mont Saint-Michel is a 15 minute drive. This fairytale peninsula has one of the strongest tides in Europe. It rises straight out of the sea and the sand plates. A fascinating spectacle!

Quiet white sand beaches
The quiet white sand beaches of Jullouvile and Carolles are 20-30 minutes driving away. There are plenty of restaurants and shops behind the beach. Granville is a lively seaside resort with a large harbour, from where ferries to the British Channel islands Jersey and Guernsey depart.


medieval castles

Animal park
for children

Discover Brittany
Special places to visit are Saint Malo, Fougeres and Cancale. The port city of Saint Malo is very special because of its old city wall. The fortress lies like a ship carved out of stone on the water, with rocky walls rising above the beach and the busy harbour. A walk on the impressive city wall gives a good idea of ​​the city’s eventful history.

Normandy has many old castles and manor houses
Almost everywhere there are the memories of history and centuries of war. Like in Fougères, for example. Here is an impressive and in good condition preserved medieval castle, in the middle of the green. The castle is surrounded by fortifications and a wall with 13 towers.

The Alligator Bay
A unique park in Europe with 200 crocodiles and giant turtles. In addition to the alligators and turtles, you can see several lizards and reptiles here.


For the nature lover, the sports enthusiast and also with the kids!


Water sports

Walking routes

Beach activities

Horse riding


Mountain sports



Make trips
along ….


Fishing holiday
Normandy is one of the best areas for catching the salmon, and the best for the sea trout. The Norman rivers contain the famous “farios” while the lakes, marshes and slow rivers are well filled with many meat eaters. The diversity of the coasts (limestone cliffs in the Pays de Caux, the granite cliffs in the Cotentin, huge sandy beaches) offers the fishermen numerous possibilities.


Make trips along ….
The beaches of Jullouville and Carolles. It is a strip of two kilometers of white sand. Or take the pilgrim’s route from Saint James to Mont Saint-Michel. And back via the customs path: on foot, on horseback or on a mountain bike.

Do you like a bit more adventure?
Then step into a glider or climb the rocks of Ham and admire the breathtaking view over the Vire valley. And water sports such as sailing, kite surfing and beach sailing can be done here. Or hit a ball on the beautiful 18-hole golf course in Bréville-sur-Mer.

Culinary and wine

Discover culinary specialties in Normandy. The tastiest traditional dishes, made with the craftsmanship and richnesses of the region.

In Saint-Jamesn are a number of fine restaurants with a pleasant casual service. Time has stood still here. Fish and duck are certainly recommended here.



Coquille St. Jacques

Camembert AOC

the Champagne of Normandy!

Label rouge
Coquille St. Jacques

Camembert AOC:
the king of the cheeses

Calvados, the Champagne of Normandy!
First there is the apple of which cider is made, to end up as a Calvados. Calvados is made only from the best cider. This is a brandy with a high alcohol content (+ 40 °). Depending on the age of it you will get different flavours and … prices. In the area, along the narrow country lanes, you will find several producers where you can sample and buy wonderful Calvados.

The tastiest mussels, oysters and scallops
Normandy has the largest oyster production in Europe. The coast has many fishing ports with mussels and oyster farms. Mont Saint-Michel and Barfleur are known for their “bouchots” (mussel pits). The scallop shell is one of the finest shellfish. The Norman scallop shell even gets the label ‘rouge’.

World-famous award-winning cheeses
One of the oldest Norman cheeses is the Neufchâtel, the famous stalks or hearts. And there is the Pont l’Eveque. But the most famous Norman cheese is of course Camembert AOC: the king of the cheeses.